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18th Sep 2017

Neymar embarrassed himself during penalty dispute with Edinson Cavani

Grow up, Neymar

Robert Redmond

This just doesn’t look good.

Neymar and Edinson Cavani were involved in a penalty dispute on Sunday night. The Paris Saint-Germain pair bickered on the pitch during their 2-0 win over Lyon.

The Qatari-owned club were leading 1-0 when Kylian Mbappe won a penalty in the 79th minute, so Cavani collected the ball and stepped up to take the spot kick. He has been PSG’s designated penalty-taker since Zlatan Ibrahimovic left for Manchester United in the summer of 2016. The Uruguayan striker has often been accused of missing goal scoring chances in big games, but he scored 49 goals last season.

He’s an experienced striker and one of the senior members of PSG’s squad. However, Neymar is Neymar, the world’s most expensive footballer and he wanted to take the penalty.

As Cavani placed the ball on the penalty spot, Neymar stood over him, seemingly asking his teammate why the hell wasn’t he letting him, the great Neymar, take the penalty. Cavani ignored Neymar’s pleas, and the Brazilian walked away shaking his head.

The penalty was saved, but Neymar embarrassed himself with his actions.

The pair also had a dispute over a free-kick, and this was even more embarrassing for Neymar.

He called in back-up this time, as his fellow Brazilian Dani Alves refused to give Cavani the ball, before handing it to Neymar.

Don’t be surprised if Cavani isn’t at PSG next season if incidents like this continue to happen. The absolute state of this.