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14th Feb 2023

Neymar confirms he had angry showdown with two PSG stars

Callum Boyle


Neymar is keen to find out who leaked the news

Neymar has confirmed that he was involved in an angry showdown involving himself, Marquinhos and Paris Saint-Germain sporting director, Luís Campos.

Reports in France claimed that Campos stormed into the dressing room after the Ligue 1 side’s 3-1 defeat to Monaco and accused the players of lacking aggression.

Marquinhos and Neymar were the two most vocal when it came to the heated discussion as tensions overflowed after PSG’s fourth defeat of 2023.

The Brazil international didn’t hesitate to duck any questions when asked about the alleged bust-up and gave a passionate three minute speech on what had happened.

“It has happened,” he revealed. “We didn’t agree with what was being said at that time, so we had a discussion about it. I speak to my friends every day, and I love all of them. It is like that with my girlfriend as well.

“We talk about football, all of us. Football is about communicating. Of course, there is respect on both sides, and sometimes you don’t agree on things. So there might be a discussion to improve the team, the atmosphere, our play.

“We have lost a few games and we are frustrated about that. We want to win all the time. When those defeats come around, it hurts, so discussions are part of that. That can help us improve as a team. I think it has helped because we cleared things up. We know what we are all thinking.

“You do that with your friends and family, and team-mates. You are with everyone from day to day. We have to stay together, so it’s annoying those things come out. I am sure there will be more in the future. That is all part of football.”

Neymar’s future has been hot conversation, with some reports claiming that he will leave at the end of the season.

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