Neil Warnock urges young footballers to take Covid vaccine 1 year ago

Neil Warnock urges young footballers to take Covid vaccine

"We've just got to be so careful."

Neil Warnock has urged young footballers to take the Covid vaccine after a disappointing rate of uptake among his players at Middlesbrough and young people in general.


Speaking to the press on Friday, the 72-year-old urged people to be careful, and said it was "wrong" that the majority of players have not been vaccinated.

"We've just got to be so careful," he told reporters.

"We've had a few sniffs of the virus, which we've got to overcome and we're still getting tested every day.


"It's one of those things I'm afraid, for some reason the majority of the players don't have the vaccinations, which I think is wrong."

Warnock is at a vulnerable age and has suffered from Covid-19 previously, during which time he coached his Boro side from home.

"We are mixing with fans now, it's so easy [to get Covid]," Warnock said. "We have had a few cases."

The Yorkshireman encouraged fans to demand that players get the jab on social media, or as he charmingly called them, "the websites."


"The fans should get on the websites and demand that the players have them."

Listen to uncle Neil, everyone. Get the jab.