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26th Jul 2018

Neil Patrick Harris attends Man City game wearing club jersey, shouts support for Man United

He made an absolute fool of himself

Reuben Pinder

It makes for difficult viewing

Pre-season tours around the United States naturally attract celebrity fans. That’s sort of the point: to give a global fanbase the chance to see the team in action.

Neil Patrick Harris, he of How I met Your Mother fame, attended the highly anticipated clash between Manchester City and Liverpool last night, a game in which Joe Hart nutmegged Mohamed Salah.

The Hollywood actor seemed thrilled to be there, as he showed in his Instagram story. However, he made a slight fool of himself with what he shouted in the video.

“At the MetLife stadium for our first football slash soccer game…. MetLife stadium… go Manchester United!”

Come on, mate. You might not be an avid viewer of the Premier League, but I mean, come on. The name of the team you’ve gone to see with be on the ticket, not to mention the shirt you are literally wearing at the game.

It all just makes for uncomfortable viewing. By all means, watch Premier League football, get involved, but probably best not to confuse two of the biggest teams in the country, who happen to be local rivals, and wear different colours.