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26th Jul 2018

Joe Hart nutmegged Mo Salah with a ridiculous backheel during the Liverpool Man City friendly


Kyle Picknell

And Pep said he couldn’t play football

There isn’t really an honest reason fans should stay up and watch ‘International Champions Cup Soccer’, mostly because it sounds like a knockoff video game from the early 00s that fell by the wayside as Pro Evo and FIFA dominated the market.

But then again, if Joe Hart has suddenly decided to start doing things like this, the sleepless nights might just be worth it.

During Wednesday night’s friendly at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, Joe Hart received a softish backpass from young City defender Cameron Humphreys.

Who? Exactly.

Anyway, the former England number one was immediately put under pressure by Mo Salah and Mo Salah’s jet heels, and fans couldn’t help thinking the situation would only end one way.

That is, with the ball in the back of the net and Joe Hart shouting more furiously than a Donald Trump caps lock tweet to an important foreign leader.

Somehow, he managed to keep his cool and played a classy (and also very, very, very fortunate) backheel pass back to his defender Humphreys via the gap between the legs of the Egyptian winger.

Who then promptly hoofed it straight to a Liverpool player.

But, still. Just look at the audacity of it.

Salah can’t believe it, the fans can’t believe it, and I’m not sure Joe Hart can believe it himself.

I always knew the International Champions Cup was a tournament worth watching. I told you all along. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the competition pans out, and who else Joe Hart could nutmeg, as though this is all just playing out like God is on his Xbox and he’s suddenly decided to piss about by controlling the goalkeeper.

God’s mate is getting very, very annoyed by this. God’s mate has chucked his controller. God’s mate has now left the game.