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05th Feb 2022

Goalkeeper scores bizarre own goal in relegation clash

Callum Boyle

What was he thinking?

A goalkeeper during a league game in Morocco scored one of the most bizarre own goals in a relegation clash on Friday night.

Mehdi Ouaya of Rapide Oued Zen was the unfortunate culprit after his moment of madness against relegation rivals Hassania Agadir won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Ouya’s side were 1-0 down at the time and as Agadir looked to capitalise on the pressure and add a second, they were able to do so in a way not even they would have predicted.

A teammate of the 30-year-old passed the ball back to him – which in fairness wasn’t the greatest, putting him under pressure.

Whether it was an unfortunate error or he thought he was playing up front for a second, we don’t know, but the following passage of play is easily one of the strangest to happen on a pitch.

Ouya initially flicked the ball up in the air before turning around and volleying the effort into the roof of the net.

The goal was so strange that it almost looked like a glitch straight from FIFA or Football Manager.

It appeared as if the 30-year-old was aiming to hit the ball over the crossbar was trying to clear the crossbar, judging by his facial expressions, but struck the ball too sweetly as it instead ended up in his own goal.

Rapide Oued Zen’s fortunes didn’t get any better as they went on to concede again in a costly defeat in their fight against relegation.

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