Micah Richards responds to Roy Keane being linked with Celtic job 8 months ago

Micah Richards responds to Roy Keane being linked with Celtic job

Glasgow might not be ready for this

If there is one good thing to have come out of this football season, which at times has seemed to really suffer from the lack of fans just as all sports have, then it has got to be the now legendary double act that is Micah Richards and Roy Keane.


Everything about them suggests that they should not get along. Roy Keane is well-known for his scathing no-holds-barred criticism and matter-of-fact analysis, whilst Richards can't make it through one sentence without a gleeful laugh and has been a fantastically positive and cheerful addition to the world of punditry. Danny Murphy take note.

But they have got on like a house on fire, with Micah Richards really adopting the younger brother role in the relationship, winding up Roy at every opportunity. The best part is that Roy can't help but laugh and smile at Richards's antics. He's warmed the Irish legend's cold heart. And it seems like the two wouldn't mind taking the partnership into management.

Since the Celtic manager position became available, rumours have been swirling linking Roy Keane, who finished his career at the Glasgow club, with the role. In response to a BBC Sport tweet mentioning the rumours, Richards had to get involved.

This is referencing an exchange between the two in the Sky Sports studio back in February, in which presenter Dave Jones imagined the possibility of Roy and Micah as a management duo.


In typical fashion, Roy said to Micah: "you'd be kit man".

Honestly though, if there is not some sort of television show being planned for these two then TV bosses are missing a trick. It's the bromance we didn't know we needed, and considering the quality of some of the recent games on Super Sunday over recent weeks, is often the highlight of a Premier League broadcast.