Max Holloway has not allowed Conor McGregor to get away with his Twitter dig 3 years ago

Max Holloway has not allowed Conor McGregor to get away with his Twitter dig

Max Holloway must have been on his phone when Conor McGregor reacted to his most recent win.

Holloway defended his UFC featherweight title by putting an absolute beating on challenger Jose Aldo in the third round of UFC 218's main event on Saturday night.

The rematch between the past and future of the 145lbs division was contested rather evenly throughout the opening pair of rounds but 'Blessed' turned up the heat in the third frame, pulverising the Brazilian before the finish arrived with just nine seconds remaining in the round.

The Hawaii native is now the proud owner of the fifth longest winning streak in UFC history thanks to his 12 consecutive victories.

Holloway's last defeat came against Conor McGregor in 2013 and, after Saturday's fight, 'The Notorious' didn't hesitate to offer up a friendly reminder of the fact that he came out on top the last time he shared the Octagon with Holloway.

"I miss those sunglasses," McGregor wrote on Twitter alongside a picture of a beaten and bruised Holloway from their fight in Boston. (You can see the Irishman in the background enjoying his unanimous decision win).

Both fighters have improved considerably since that meeting, when they were in their infancy as elite athletes.

On several occasions, Holloway has hinted at a move up to 155lbs to challenge McGregor for his lightweight title.

And the 25-year-old was quick off the blocks in responding to the Dubliner's jibe with a great graphic.

Holloway mocked McGregor for failing to defend his featherweight title, which he won in 2015, and proclaimed the current period "the Blessed Era," while pointing out the lengthy list of statistical honours he currently owns.

UFC President Dana White has suggested that McGregor may not return to the Octagon until next summer and his opponent remains unknown.

And while Holloway is not exclusively focused on pushing for the lucrative payday which is guaranteed by a showdown with 'The Notorious', that's not to say he wouldn't sign the bout agreement if the fight was offered.

"Yeah, for sure," Holloway said when asked if the McGregor rematch would interest him. "Like I said, I'm the champion of my division and I've got to keep everything rolling. I've got to keep everything going. I've got a throne to defend. I'm not going on hiatus. As long as I get contenders, I'm going to fight.

"But if the UFC call me out for that reason, any reason for fighting him, I'll gladly fight him. If the Conor fight don't happen, it's not on my side. I'll tell you guys right now. It's not on my side. It's on their team."