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20th Aug 2018

Maurizio Sarri considering giving up smoking during his time as Chelsea boss

It was recently revealed that he smokes 80 cigarettes per day, but he is considering quitting the habit during his time as Chelsea boss

Reuben Pinder

He’s going cold turkey

Since Maurizio Sarri joined Chelsea, he has repeatedly been asked about how he plans to deal with his smoking habit with a ban in place at every football stadium in the country.

It was recently revealed that the Italian smokes 80 (EIGHTY) cigarettes a day, leading to the Chelsea staff being tasked with finding their new boss a smoking area within the stadium so he can get his nicotine fix without having to leave the ground.

But after Chelsea’s 3-2 win over Arsenal yesterday at Stamford Bridge, Sarri suggested that he might give up smoking during his time as Chelsea boss, before taking up the habit again whenever his time at the club ends, whenever that may be.

When asked whether he fancied a cigarette during a tense end to the match against Arsenal at Stamford Bridge, Sarri responded:

“No I needed half-time and the first half to end, not a cigarette.”

“I am going to stop for just one or two years then I will start again.

“Inside there were 15 minutes that were horrible. We lost ground, we were not able to press, we were not able to defend, we were really in trouble. I think in the second half, we did very well from our mental point of view.

“It was really very hard to answer about the last part of the first half. I prefer to speak about the other 75 minutes, it is better. I remember better the good things instead of the worst.”

Chelsea have picked up six points so far this season, as the team get to grips with Sarri’s new style of football. Sarri will have to rotate his squad throughout the season when the Europa League fixtures pile up but he could not have wished for a better start to the league season.