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27th Jul 2018

Luke Shaw has a theory on why people are criticising his physique

Addressing the 'fat' shamers

Ben Kiely

There’s fat and then there’s Luke Shaw fat

Luke Shaw, a Premier League footballer, came under fire for being ‘overweight’ earlier this year. During his time off, the Manchester United man was snapped partying on a boat. He appeared to be a little heavier than usual, but the reaction to the photos by some tabloid newspapers was typically sensational.

In April, the Mirror‘s John Cross even had a pop at Shaw’s weight in his match ratings of United’s 2-0 victory over Bournemouth by writing:

 “Sorry, but he’s got to find himself an XL shirt like the rest of us.”

If you’ve seen photos of Shaw without his shirt on, you’ll quickly realise this comment was very hyperbolic. He would be swimming in an XL jersey.

Like Rooney

Shaw told The Telegraph that in the past, some criticism of his weight has been ‘fair’. However, right now he believes he is ‘in the best shape possible’.

“I guess you’ve just got to take it, because there is always going to be negative criticism as well as positive. I think both of them can make you stronger. I’ve been unlucky because I’ve had a few ups and downs, with different managers, but I would say I’ve never been out of shape.”

He explained that in his first season at Old Trafford he had to undergo a complete lifestyle transformation. He changed his diet, he stopped drinking alcohol and fizzy drinks and he increased the amount of sleep he gets.

“I’ve changed a lot.  Now I know what I need to do. I’ll keep fit and ready. I just want to enjoy football again and hopefully I do that this season.”

Luke Shaw fat

Shaw also believes he knows why the ‘fat’ shamers have come out in force. He blames it on his build.

“People think, because of the way that I’m naturally built, I’m bigger than I am. Of course, people can say that I’m fat, but I know my own body. I always look big because I’m bigger built. I’m sort of that, you could say a Wayne Rooney type of body.”

“But I’ve worked hard on my fitness over the summer, not just because of the criticism and the pictures, I wanted to get in the best shape and that wasn’t my best shape. I need hard work and that’s what I’m getting.”