Liverpool players get stuck in a lift 3 years ago

Liverpool players get stuck in a lift

They seem very calm about the whole thing

Have you ever been stuck in a lift? I have not, but I imagine it's pretty scary. Being confined in a space so small, possibly with strangers, sounding the alarm and hoping someone will come to help you, not knowing how long you'll be stuck in there, that would scare any rational person. It would certainly terrify me, no matter how many times I watch that McDonald's advert where those two women develop a bond while trapped and then eat a burger.


Anyway, a few Liverpool players got stuck in a lift on Sunday. Although, it's not actually clear when they became trapped, as Dejan Lovren has documented the event as happening 'a day before a match' on his Instagram story. Liverpool play on Tuesday, in two days' time. Either this happened a while ago and he is reposting an old video or he doesn't know when they're playing Bayern Munich.

The players in the video include Andy Robertson, Jordan Henderson, Alberto Moreno, Trent Alexnader-Arnold, Roberto Firmino and of course, Dejan Lovren who posted the video.

The players seemed to find it hilarious, weirdly.


Andy Robertson in particular was laughing his head off. But then, he has faced much more frightening situations than being stuck in a lift, as he will again on Tuesday, as he lines up against Arjen Robben.