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13th May 2019

Literally two people turned up to Nuno Espirito Santo’s press conference on Sunday

Unsurprisingly, Wolves weren't the story after their defeat to Liverpool on Sunday afternoon, which explains why there was only two people at the presser

Reuben Pinder

Wasn’t really the time to discuss Jota and Jimenez’s strike partnership

Liverpool fell just short of winning their first ever Premier League title on Sunday, as Brighton could not be relied upon to take points off eventual champions Manchester City.

Liverpool did their bit though, beating Wolves 2-0 at Anfield courtesy of a Sadio Mane brace to wrap up a fantastic season, despite the disappointment of coming second with 97 points having lost one league game all season.

Their title challenge and where they go from here, with a Champions League final still to play was very much the story to report in the immediate aftermath of the season. Wolves, meanwhile, for all their commendable victories and enviable model, were not the subject of such discussion.

That would explain, then, why literally only two people turned up to Nuno Espirito Santo’s press conference after the game.

It’s quite the sight, an empty press room. Flashes of José Mourinho rocking up early, saying hi and bye before promptly fucking off down a corridor come rushing back. But this was not the manager evading questions, this was the press frying a bigger fish.

Poor Nuno. At least someone cared.