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01st Jun 2018

LeBron shuts down press conference abruptly after stupid question

Conan Doherty

There’s a burden you endure for being the greatest sportsman on the entire planet.

It’s just a sad reality of being a supernatural being in a world of mortals.

It’s that everyone else is shite in comparison and that’s something you not only have to live with and accept, you have to somehow depend on it too.

By the end of the 2018 NBA Finals, we’ll know once and for all if one man can really win the most prestigious prize in basketball all by himself.

What LeBron James has been doing, particularly in the post-season, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Game after game, he has dragged the Cavaliers back from the brink with three-pointers, with blocks, with match-winning buzzer-beaters.

Better teams have fallen at the feet of LeBron and then, in Game 1 of the Finals, the best of them all were prepared to do the same.

As squads, the Golden State Warriors’ strength is incomparable to Cleveland’s but maybe all you need is one. The best.

James posted 51 f**king points in the overtime clash on Thursday night and still came out at the wrong side of it.

Thanks, mostly, to JR Smith.

With seconds remaining, the Cavaliers had tied the game and, despite missing the second free throw, had the final opportunity to score and finish with a win.

Smith, though, opted to a) ignore the man with the hottest hands of all time standing free outside of him, b) call for a time out, c) even just chance an effort himself.

Instead, he ran the clock down. Saw out the draw.

Afterwards, LeBron was as rattled as any man would be after scoring 51 points against the best team in the land and still losing.

So he gave short shrift to a reporter asking him what was his team mate’s thought.

Press conference ended. See you Monday.


LeBron James