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22nd Jun 2017

Leaked Conor McGregor footage spawns absolutely bonkers conspiracy theory

If you say so, mate

Ben Kiely

When Joey Diaz talks about Conor McGregor, people are captivated.

You’re not going to the stand-up comedian for expert analysis on Conor McGregor. You tune in solely to be entertained and, more often than not, he delivers on that front.

We defy anyone to watch his outrageously furious rant about ‘the seed’ McGregor supposedly planted at UFC 205 to secure that ‘money fight’ against Tyron Woodley without cracking up.

He goes from nought to Christian Bale on the set of Terminator Salvation in a millisecond.

Unfortunately for Diaz, that ‘seed’ remained buried without sprouting because McGregor opted for the diamond-encrusted panty night against Floyd Mayweather instead.

After that fight was confirmed, Chris van Heerden leaked footage of a sparring session he had with McGregor. The footage showed McGregor getting tagged a lot by the former IBO and IBF welterweight champion. His excuse for sharing was to respond to those who were claiming Mayweather will have his hands full trying to land on ‘the Notorious’.

Joey Diaz isn’t buying that excuse though, as he explained on the Punch Drunk Sports podcast

Joey Diaz:“Now the training partner is talking shit. Is it positive or negative? (Voice answers negative). Ok, which is a set-up. It’s a set-up. It’s a PR set-up.”

Fellow comedian and podcaster Jayson Thibault was behind with Diaz’s theory. He felt the boxer not signing a non-disclosure agreement before sparring with the UFC superstar was a little too fishy for his liking.

Diaz agreed and suggested that the footage leak could have been orchestrated by ‘the Notorious’ himself.

“Something’s not right here… Conor McGregor only releases what he wants you to see. You think between the Diaz fights Conor McGregor didn’t bring in high-level jiu-jitsu guys? Where’s the tapes of that? He leaks what he wants to leak. He’s that smart, McGregor.”

Does that mean Owen Roddy’s claim of the leaked footage actually benefiting McGregor’s against Mayweather was just blatant mind games?

You can’t pull the tinfoil hats over our eyes, Roddy! We’re onto your game!