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15th Jun 2017

Former Conor McGregor sparring partner cruelly leaks sparring footage after Floyd Mayweather announcement

He respects McGregor, just not enough to keep this video to himself

Ben Kiely

He respects Conor McGregor, just not enough to keep this video to himself.

For those of you who have been residing under a rock for the last day or so, Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather has been confirmed for the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 26. That’s right, the fight that nobody really needs to see, but everyone wants to watch is going ahead.

That’s the world we’re living in – a reality TV star is the president of the USA, Australia are in the Eurovision, so it only makes sense that the biggest professional boxing fight of the year (maybe ever) will feature a fighter making his professional debut.

Imagine being told Matthew McConaughey would win an Oscar when he was pioneering the ‘back-to-back on the DVD cover’ rom com genre. ‘There’s more of a chance of that young Conor chap from the gym fighting Mayweather,’ you may have retorted.

If you’re not a boxing fan and you remember who Chris van Heerden is, fair play. The former IBO and IBF welterweight champion gained some notoriety in MMA circles when he was drafted in as a sparring partner for McGregor to hone his boxing skills.

The South African pugilist was upset with McGregor’s website, The Mac Life, accusing them of craftily editing their sparring session to make the UFC star look better. He later retracted the complaint and offered his apologies.

Seemingly all this MayMac chatter has got van Heerden all riled up again as he felt obliged to leak some heavily edited footage of the sparring session in a response to those who say that Mayweather has his hands full trying to land on ‘The Notorious.’

As he correctly pointed out, he is not Floyd Mayweather and even he managed to find home with his punches. That’s not to say he doesn’t respect the UFC lightweight champion. He made a point of putting that in the tweet too.