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21st Aug 2018

Kylian Mbappé goal vs Guingamp was scarily similar to Ronaldinho’s goal in same fixture

The PSG striker scored a brace against Guingamp at the weekend, which was scarily similar to a goal Ronaldinho scored against the same opposition in 2003

Reuben Pinder

15 years later, same goal

Google defines déjà vu as ‘a feeling of having already experienced the present situation’. Paris Saint-Germain fans above a certain age will have experienced exactly that at the weekend when Kylian Mbappé scored a brilliant solo goal against Guingamp.

The teenage sensation shrugged off oncoming defenders, weaving through the Guingamp defence and scooping the ball over the goalkeeper.

Ronaldinho scored a goal almost identical to Mbappé’s all the way back in 2003 during his time in Paris before he joined Barcelona. But the similarities do not stop at the aesthetics of the goal – it was in the same fixture, away to Guingamp. PSG even wore a similar kit.

It’s genuinely quite alarming. Thankfully, the PSG Twitter account has combined the two goals into a video for us to enjoy. Feat your eyes firstly on the quality on the goal, and then the utterly bizarre nature of how similar it is to Ronaldinho’s.

Mbappé will – in fact, he arguably already has – reach the heights of Ronaldinho during his career. The teenager – that must be emphasised, he is still a teenager, literally born in 1998 – has already won a World Cup and terrorised defences for two and a half seasons.