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19th Oct 2022

Jurgen Klopp takes legal action over Man City ‘xenophobia’ claim

Simon Lloyd

Klopp has vehemently defended his comments

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp will reportedly take legal action over media accusations of xenophobia against Manchester City’s owners.

Speaking last week, ahead of his side’s Premier League win over City at Anfield, Klopp made comments relating to the vast financial resources of City – along with other state-owned clubs – when compared to the rest of the football world.

He was later accused of stoking the fire before Sunday’s game, in which he was shown a red card, coins were thrown at Pep Guardiola, City’s team bus was damaged and songs about Hillsborough were heard from Anfield’s away section.

Klopp responds to ‘xenophobia’ accusations

During a press conference on Tuesday, Klopp was asked specifically about the reports alleging his comments had been ‘borderline xenophobic’.

“I don’t feel it at all,” he said. “I know myself. And you cannot hit with something which is miles away from my personality. If I was – I cannot remember the word, wow! – like this I would hate it.

“I would hate myself for being like this. I have said a lot of times things that were a little bit open for misunderstanding. I know that. It was not intentional, just sometimes you say things and you think, ‘Oh my God! It can be interpreted like this?’

“But this is not one of these moments. Absolutely not.”

After his insistence that his comments have been misunderstood, a report from The Telegraph now claims Klopp is taking legal action.

klopp xenophobia legal action

Eddie Howe on Klopp’s ‘ceiling’ comments

Speaking in his own prematch press conference on Tuesday, Newcastle boss Eddie Howe insisted his club – backed by the Saudi PIF – do have a ceiling to their spending.

“We have huge plans and want to go to places with huge ambitions, but the reality of what we are working towards and working with, there is a ceiling because of all the things I have sat here and explained every week – Financial Fair Play, we’re still in a training ground that’s being renovated.

“We’re not living that life that is being discussed. We are living a very different reality. Our wage bill is very controlled. We’re trying to do things in a very stable and controlled way.”

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