Harry Kane makes classy gesture to Spurs fans after 34-hour journey to cancelled game 7 months ago

Harry Kane makes classy gesture to Spurs fans after 34-hour journey to cancelled game

You've certainly got to feel for them after that journey

Harry Kane made a nice gesture after a post went viral on social media about two Tottenham Hotspur fans making a 34-hour journey to watch Spurs play at Burnley, only for the game to be postponed before kick-off.


Tottenham fans Ken and Brandi Saxton traveled from Dallas, Texas to see Spurs play at Burnley on Sunday.

However, the game was postponed prior t0 kick-off due to the snowy conditions at Turf Moor, with the pitch covered in snow - despite the best efforts of the groundsmen.

The couple had no idea about the weather situation until they arrived in Lancashire after a sleepless journey.


Ken told BBC Radio 5 Live that the journey took them 34 hours in total, from the pair leaving Dallas at 6am local time on Friday to arriving at their hotel room in Burnley.

As the snow continued to fall on Turf Moor from Saturday and into Sunday morning, the couple - understandably - feared that the game would be postponed.


The inevitable announcement that the game was off was made 20 minutes after they arrived at a pub in Burnley and less than a hour before kick-off.

Despite this, they were still able to enjoy a laugh and joke about what had happened.

"Most people that I've interacted with on Twitter have spoken about how gutted I must feel or how disappointing everything must have been," added Ken.

"But I came over here mainly to be with my friends and make new ones.


"So football or not, I was able to hang out with some really incredible people and meet some new ones."

Ken - who hosts the Doctor Tottenham and Spurs Asylum podcasts - added that they are hoping to watch Spurs' next two home games against Brentford on Thursday and Norwich on Sunday.

Not only will they (hopefully, anyway) be able to watch to watch those matches, but Spurs striker Harry Kane has invited the pair to a home match as his guests "the next time they are in London".


Having been made aware of the viral tweet - which has since been retweeted more than 4,000 times and liked more than 18,000 times - the 28-year-old was keen to try and improve their disappointing situation.

The England captain's offer has gone down well with the couple, who told the Standard Sport: "How gracious of Harry to offer something like that to a supporter,"

"What a representative for the club and for England as a whole. For him to do something like that really humbles a supporter. It’s spectacular.

"The club reached out and said we’d be in touch with Harry at some point today. The Brentford match [on Thursday night], we already have tickets for. If Norwich [on Sunday] becomes a possibility, we’ll take him up on that offer."

All's well that ends well, or something like that.

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