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09th Jul 2018

Ian Wright walked off FOX set to get the beers in after victory over Sweden

Can't blame him

Darragh Murphy

If England actually win the World Cup, there will be no point booking any English pundits for analysis until the 2022 World Cup comes around.

The remainder of July will be a write-off for English supporters if Gareth Soutgate masterminds a historic triumph in Russia.

Analysts will do their best to remain professional but nobody will be blamed for losing their shit if England go the whole way.

Ian Wright might be a legend of the national team but in the wake of England’s quarter-final victory over Sweden at the weekend, he proved that he gets just as excited as supporters.

We’re all accustomed to seeing Wright on ITV throughout the World Cup but he was enlisted to give his take on England’s clash with Sweden to American broadcaster FOX on Saturday, when itchy feet got the best of him.

Wright simply couldn’t wait to get the beers in to celebrate England’s progress into the final four of the competition, thanks to headers from Harry Maguire and Dele Alli.

The Arsenal legend realised he was wasting valuable celebration time by continuing to talk about the game and patience clearly isn’t his strong suit as Wright quickly gathered his belongings and cut his time on the show short.

We can’t say we blame him, to be fair.