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01st Jul 2022

FootballJOE Photoshop Challenge #9: Hyde Park brawl woman

Daniel Brown

It’s that time once again…

Admit it, you’re surprised. Last time, we left it eight months to do one of these. This time, we’ve left it just one. Don’t say we never treat you!

A lot of you will have been watching, and enjoying, the music at BST Hyde Park – some of you might even have been there. While the acts have been amazing, one moment away from the stage has gone viral on social media.

The Eagles – the band who gifted the world ‘Hotel California’ – were playing as headliners during the annual festival, however, the attention was taken away from them as people began throwing punches and shoving each other during the gig.

Two men ended up on the floor during the incident, and, right in the corner of a photo shared online, a woman can be seen pulling an amusing facial expression.

So, of course, we couldn’t let the opportunity for a FootballJOE Photoshop Challenge™ pass us by, could we?

The task, like always, was simple. Take the still image of of the woman at the festival, use your incredible imaginations and any photo editing skills you might possess, and show us what you can do.

Of course, you lot didn’t let us down. Here are just some of the highlights, but if you’re sat there bored, we suggest you take a bit more time and look at the rest of the replies to the tweet below.

If you’re here for more of a summary, well, that’s understandable. We can’t blame you.

So, here are some of our favourites from the latest FootballJOE Photoshop Challenge:

Partying with Boris

Angry Newcastle fan

The Cantona Kung Fu Kick!

No comment…

You’re forgiven, Aaron

Slippy G

It’s a fair reaction

Paddy the Baddy (well, not quite)


It’s crossed the line, ref

The selected tweets are just a selections of some of our favourites. So, please, don’t forget to look at the rest of the replies – it’s worth it.

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