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11th Nov 2015

Revealed: the heart-rending reason behind Kieron Dyer’s decision to compete on I’m A Celebrity

For a good cause

Ben Kiely

Unlike many contestants that have come before him, Kieron Dyer isn’t appearing on I’m A Celebrity for the money or to boost his career.

The former West Ham and Newcastle player released a statement this week declaring that he will be donating his appearance fee to a charity which aims to raise awareness of stillbirth and neonatal death.

“I am very competitive. But I am not going on the show for money. My fee is going to a charity. I am doing this show for the charity and my children.”

“I see the show can revitalise people’s careers, but if someone in the camp wants to further their career in the media, I would rather they win than me.”


Dyer is a patron for The Jude Brady Foundation, and its founder Peter Brady revealed to the Ipswich Star that the charity holds a special place in the former footballer’s heart.

“Kieron lost his little brother to stillbirth when he was seven, so it is a charity he holds close to his heart.”

“He gave us no indication at all. He is a patron of the charity, and has been for a number of years, doing countless things behind the scenes, but this is one that has hit the headlines.”

It is refreshing to see someone exploit a reality TV series for completely unselfish reasons rather than a D-list celebrity using the screen time to try to regain their 5-seconds of fame. Good man, Kieron.