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01st Dec 2022

Harry Maguire gets rinsed in Ghanaian parliament

Jack Peat

The Manchester United defender was used as an analogy for the country’s economic woes

Harry Maguire may have become accustomed to getting shredded on the terraces, but his name has now become the subject of political ridicule after he was likened to scoring ‘economic own goals’ in the Ghanaian parliament.

The England defender has put in a few solid performances at the World Cup after Gareth Southgate chose to start him next to John Stones in his starting XI.

But his fortunes back home have been far less noteworthy.

The Manchester United man has seemingly fallen out of favour with Erik ten Hag having only started four times this season.

It is a far cry from his Leicester City days where became a mainstay in the starting line-up, helping the club achieve healthy league finishes.

And now, quite bizarrely, Maguire has become a figure of political ridicule after his name was brought up in the Ghanaian parliament.

MP Isaac Adongo called his opponent Dr Mahamadu Bawumia the country’s ‘Economic Maguire’ in an exchange that has to be seen to be believed.

His words had his fellow MPs rolling with laughter as he said:

“Mr Speaker, even when the opponents failed to score, Maguire would score for them.”

Adongo then used Maguire’s downturn in form to compare him to Bawumia, who he accused of mismanaging the economy. He branded him an “economic Maguire” as he slammed the vice president.

“Mr Speaker, you remember in this country we also have an economic Maguire. This economic Maguire, we’re clapping saying this man is the best in managing foreign terms,” Adongo said.

“The same economic Maguire was at Central University delivering lectures on how to restore the value of the Cedi. Mr Speaker why we gave this Maguire the opportunity to be at the centre of our defence, he became the rest of our own goals.

“Why he thought he was the best in capital opportunity, he moved us to 40.4. Why at that time he was the best at managing the recession at nine per cent, he moved it to 54 per cent. Mr Speaker the biggest issue is now is that when we pay the appearance fee for this Maguire.”

Watch the clip in full below:

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