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08th Jun 2018

We now know exactly when the Premier League winter break will begin

The break will take place over a 10-day period

Wayne Farry

Everybody needs a break sometimes, even footballers

For years pundits and fans alike have debated about the possible pros and cons of introducing a possible winter break to the English football season and the effect it might have on the country’s national team.

Many feel that the winter breaks in Italy, Spain, Germany and France benefit their respective national teams, an argument backed up the number of trophies all four nations have won in the past 20 years, while others remain convinced that it’s a bad idea.

As such, there was a mix of delight and the inevitable annoyance when the FA announced that it would introduce a similar break to the Premier League, with chief executive Martin Glenn confirming that it would come into effect during the 2019/20 season.

What wasn’t confirmed was exactly how the break would be carried out, and the FA has revealed today that the break will be taken during a 10-day period in February of each year.

That number is significantly less than France, which currently has a 24 day winter break.

It will come into effect in 2019/20 season, and will be assessed after a three year period and, as part of the changes, FA Cup fifth round matches will take place during midweek rather than weekends, with replays scrapped.