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11th Feb 2018

WATCH: Virgil Van Dijk went into the wrong dressing room as he returned to St Mary’s


Reuben Pinder


Virgil van Dijk returned to Southampton as a Liverpool player for the first time since his January transfer today. He received a chorus of boos from the home fans every time he touched the ball, but that wasn’t the most embarrassing part of his afternoon.

When he arrived at St Mary’s this afternoon with his Liverpool teammates, Van Dijk appeared to go towards the home side’s changing room as opposed to that of the visitors. Perhaps he was joking, or perhaps it was muscle memory to go through a certain door at St Mary’s after spending two and a half years there.

Van Dijk has only been a Liverpool player for just over a month, so it would be forgivable if this was a genuine mistake, although there is no disputing the fact that he made himself look a bit silly.

He didn’t let the hostile atmosphere at the game affect him, playing well in a comfortable win for Liverpool. Southampton contained Liverpool for most of the match, but Jürgen Klopp’s side managed to score twice, with Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah scoring again. The pair showed their telepathic connection as Salah assisted Firmino’s goal and Firmino returned the favour for Salah’s goal just before half-time.

Van Dijk didn’t manage to get on the scoresheet against his old club but will be happy with his performance after an embarrassing start to the day.