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03rd Jun 2018

WATCH: Peter Crouch lands incredible chipped shot into a basketball hoop in his back garden

Get him on the plane

Reuben Pinder

Is it too late to get him on the plane?

Peter Crouch loves banter. He really does. His social media game is so strong. When he’s not indulging in some self-deprecating humour, comparing himself to giraffes, he’s tweeting videos to show that he’s still got the ‘great touch for a big man’ that made him such an asset to England back in the day.

Today, Crouchy blessed our timelines with a video of the big man himself chipping a football into a basketball hoop from about 10 metres away with inch perfect precision. He then runs off laughing, baffled and entertained in equal measure by his own talent.

He used this opportunity, as we all would in his situation, to make one last plea to go to the World Cup this summer, informing England boss Gareth Southgate that he still has no other commitments during the tournament.

Crouch is 37 now and last played for England in 2010. His come and get me plea will be made in vain but it was worth a shot, wasn’t it?