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19th Apr 2018

Tottenham’s brand new third kit makes everyone a goalkeeper

Looks more like something Hugo Lloris would wear...

Simon Lloyd

The end of the football season is fast approaching.

All the excuse needed for you impatient lot to start looking ahead to other things: mainly this summer’s World Cup, but also to season 2018/19.

For Tottenham Hotspur, next season promises to be an historic one, with the team moving into White Hart Lane Mk II when the builders finally move out.

Spurs are also set to mark this exciting new dawn with a full range of new kits. As we’ve already shown you in weeks gone by, the home shirt is set to be white (shock horror!) with a kind of printer-running-out-of-ink effect across the lower part of the torso.

The away shirt will be predominantly navy, but with a dripping paint effect seen in turquoisey-green over the tops of the shoulders.

And now, we’re finally able to have a look at the third kit.

The image, which comes from Esvaphane, shows a predominantly ‘neptune green’ shirt. There’s a darker green used to create a similar effect on its shoulders as seen on the away shirt, too.

All in all, not a bad looking shirt, although Nike do appear to have made this one look like something you’d expect to see Hugo Lloris wearing, not Spurs’ outfield players.