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21st Jun 2018

This website will find your World Cup twin

Wil Jones

Who is your World Cup lookalike?

One of the great thing about the World Cup is that we get exposed to a load of players we’ve never seen before. Sure, you’ve got that one mate that reads everything Tim Vickery does and knows everything about Costa Rica’s defensive formation. But for most of us, it about finding a new favourite player, or at least one guy who puts in a legendary performance against a big side that we’ll still be talking about for years (and then turns up at Watford or Crystal Palace, and does nothing all season).

Or sometimes, some random Icelandic defender just looks like your mate, and it’s well funny.

A website built by Norwegian newspaper VG lets you find this the easy way. Just upload a photo of yourself – or your mates, or your dog, or a celebrity, or whoever – and it scans through all the players at the tournament, and pulls out your doppelgänger.

Check it out here.

You might get Cristiano Ronaldo, or Marcus Rashford, or Neymar. Or you might get a random Australian defensive midfielder like I did.