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04th Jul 2018

There’s a commonly misheard lyric in Three Lions and it’s blowing people’s minds

You might have overheard this one in the pub

Kyle Picknell

England fans. Gather round. Let us learn something, together

‘Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)’ is an absolute banger of a tune. It really is. We owe a lot to that song, and I cannot wait for the day it is blasted through the streets of London on an endless loop until several months have passed and we have to go trudging back to work having exhaused the country’s entire supply of alcohol and all completely forgotten about Brexit.

But. But. But. But. But!

These are not the words. Despite the absolute sheer and unwavering conviction of this lad below, the following words are not the actual words:

He’s doubled down there, he really has. Tweeting it is one thing, changing his actual username is another. But he is not alone. Not by a long shot:

Johnny can’t even be arsed look, reducing the rest of the single greatest song in the history of music to just ‘etc…’

Deep breaths please and repeat after me, Johnny.

It’s not “jewels remain still gleaming”.

It’s not “jewels remain still gleaming”.

The lyrics of the song are “Jules Rimet still gleaming.”

The lyrics of the song are “Jules Rimet still gleaming.”

The Jules Rimet trophy was the name of the original World Cup trophy — and it was the trophy that the English side won back in 1966. Remember that.

Ok. Good. We’re getting somewhere.

Thank you, Frank Skinner, Dave Baddiel and The Lightning Seeds. We’ve all really learned something today. Thank you.

Now let’s all please just get back to the important matter at hand, the important matter of football actually coming home.