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21st Apr 2018

The record for the most completed passes in a Premier League season has been broken and it’s not who you’d expect

This is going to be a pub quiz question in a few years, guaranteed

Wayne Farry

We all love a good pass.

There is nothing like watching the ball be moved from one area of the pitch to another different area of the pitch to put a pep in our step and make us think that, you know what, this life malarkey is pretty decent after all.

This is a sentiment likely shared by Pep Guardiola, especially when you consider how often his teams have passed the ball throughout the years, and as such it is no surprise to hear that the record for the most completed passes in a Premier League season has been broken by a member of his squad.

Surely it’s that flame-haired vagabond who just wants to talk: Kevin De Bruyne. Or perhaps it is the unheralded but still fairly heralded midfield lynch pin Fernandinho? Well, no actually. It is this man.

Yes, that’s right. It’s Nicolas Otamendi. Argentina defender and former member of the Mangala and Otamendi comedy duo, and now holder of the record for the highest number of completed passes in a single Premier League campaign.

Otamendi has been quietly brilliant this season, earning himself a place in the PFA Team of the Year and a Premier League winners medal as a result, although this is one accolade we really weren’t expecting him to take home?

How has this happened? Well, as the starting point of almost all of Manchester City’s attacks, he passes the ball a lot. In fact, he passes the ball more than anyone else. In fact, he passes the ball so much more than anyone else that he now possesses the record we’re discussing.

Congratulations Nicolas, we’ll never underestimate you again.