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21st Apr 2018

The official FA Cup Twitter account absolutely mugged off Harry Kane after today’s semi-final

Once again, he's the butt of the joke

Reuben Pinder

No, it wasn’t about him claiming a goal

Harry Kane has been on the receiving end of endless jokes ever since Spurs lodged an appeal for the opening goal against Stoke two weeks ago to be awarded to him after the ball took the slightest of touches off the striker’s sleeve. We’ve all seen the brilliant, original and absolutely hilarious jokes about him claiming goals that weren’t his.

Thankfully, that joke has died its death now, but Kane still couldn’t escape being the butt of the joke after today’s FA Cup semi-final. The Spurs striker was unable to affect the game this afternoon, as United edged past Spurs 2-1, limiting Kane to half-chances.

The official Emirates FA Cup Twitter account proceeded to mug off Harry Kane.

Of all the defenders to be pocketed by, when you are considered to be one of – if not the – best strikers in Europe, Chris Smalling is one Kane would expect to have the better of.

Another season without a trophy for Spurs, another scrappy victory for Mourinho, another example of the footballing world poking fun at Harry Kane despite him being England’s only chance of achieving anything in the summer.

No doubt Kane will take this on the chin and shut people up by sticking four goals past Watford next Monday night.