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11th May 2019

Stoke City attempted to troll West Brom on Twitter and got absolutely bodied in response

Kyle Picknell

The Stoke City Twitter account will probably think twice the next time they @ someone

Stoke City attempted to do the unthinkable on Twitter this evening: publicly brag about a 2-1 win in a game that occurred five years ago, for some reason.

The number one reason you don’t do this is because, simply, who cares? The second reason you don’t do this is because you are Stoke City, a team that, after being relegated from the Premier League, have just finished 16th in the Championship. You have no braggings rights at all I’m afraid lads.

The Twitter admin for the Potters clearly thought they were on to a winner after West Brom lost against Aston Villa in the first leg of their Championship play-off semi-final and decided to tweet the club with a highlight video of their own 2-1 win over the Baggies on the same day in 2014. (2014!)

Unfortunately for them, the tweet was met with a swift and brutally honest rebuttal from the West Brom account that was far funnier than the original effort to go viral.

It read:

“Ahhh, Stoke City.

A few reasons why it was wise to delete this tweet

  1. You finished 16th
  2. We beat you twice this year.
  3. You finished 25 points behind us.
  4. Your season was over in Feb.
  5. 46 games. Just 45 goals.
  6. Again. You finished 16th.

Get back to the beach.”

A perfect retort, we’re sure you’ll agree. And one made even funnier by the fact that Stoke deleted their own tweet because it was that embarrassing.

We guess Twitter just isn’t your thing, Stoke City. *man shrugging emoji*