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11th Apr 2018

Steven Gerrard’s reaction to Michael Owen joke is almost too difficult to watch

Rio Ferdinand found it in him to offer up a sympathy laugh

Darragh Murphy

Steven Gerrard isn’t one for the fake laughs then…

Michael Owen isn’t the most popular pundit in the world but, to be fair to him, he does have his moments.

Having spent a season with Real Madrid, it’s understandable why BT Sport would have wanted Owen on board for their coverage of Wednesday evening’s Champions League quarter-final second leg between Los Blancos and Juventus.

But Owen has been criticised for some of his comments in the wake of the match, which saw Real convert a dramatic late penalty that sent them into the semi-final.

As the panel broke down the red card which was shown to Juve goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon in injury time, Owen attempted to crack a joke that fell flat on its face.

With Buffon suggesting that this season would be his last chance to win the Champions League for the first time, Owen joked that the Italy legend could find consolation in the fact that he wouldn’t have to see out the European ban which accompanies red cards.

“It’s not nice to see a legend going out like that,” Owen said.

“He has lost his head, hasn’t he? But if there’s any consolation, at least he’s not going to have to miss the next match with a red card.”

Owen then began laughing at his own joke and looked to his fellow former England internationals for support.

He got a titter from host Gary Lineker and a supportive smile from Rio Ferdinand.

But Steven Gerrard gave Owen precisely zero change as he stared forward and just waited for that particular segment to finish.