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26th Feb 2018

Scott Brown fully hulks up after ending up on wrong end of awful tackle

Only he would celebrate getting fouled like he'd scored

Darragh Murphy

Scott Brown is a special kind of hard.

Only Brown would wander around -11° St Petersburg in a t-shirt.

And only Brown would celebrate almost having his leg broken like he’d just scored the winner in a World Cup final.

On Sunday afternoon, Brown was very lucky to be able to walk it off as he found himself on the wrong end of a shocking tackle from Aberdeen forward Sam Cosgrove.

Immediately after Celtic had doubled their lead in their 2-0 victory at Pittodrie, Brown was sandwiched between two players in a challenge before Cosgrove lost his patience and dived in on the Hoops midfielder.

But while most players in the modern game would have stayed down, rolling about on the turf in order to convince the referee that the tackle was worthy of a red card, Brown proved he is made of sterner stuff after the ball was leathered at his back.

The 32-year-old pounced straight back to his feet and didn’t even confront the offender. Instead, he raucously celebrated and even treated the travelling supporters to a little dance.

“It’s not a great challenge from the boy who got sent off. It was naughty,” Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers said.

“Logan didn’t set the best example for young players when he twice tried to smash the ball at the player on the floor. Fortunately for Scott, he didn’t hurt him.

“Scott is a big game player, especially in those moments. When it goes to 10 men he revels in it even more. Browny is a brilliant leader.

“He takes it, shrugs it off and gets back up again to dominate the game. He’s a big game player.”