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01st Aug 2022

Sarina Wiegman explains why she kissed bracelet during Euro 2022 Final

Callum Boyle

Sarina Wiegman

Wiegman was spotted kissing the bracelet after the win

England women’s coach Sarina Wiegman dedicated her side’s famous Euro 2022 victory to the memory of her sister.

Fans who watched the incredible final at Wembley Stadium noticed Wiegman kissing a bracelet that she was wearing as her side beat Germany 2-1 in extra-time.

After the game, the Lionesses boss revealed the meaning behind the bracelet, explaining that it was in memory of her sister, who sadly passed away before the start of the tournament.

A month before the Euros began, Wiegman asked for time away from the camp to grieve with her family and asked if the side could wear black armbands during their first game of the tournament.

“They are such great people, and it shows how close we are. It was a great gesture, and I’m sure my sister would have been proud,” Wiegman told The Sun at the time.

After Chloe Kelly’s winning goal secured England their first major honour in 56 years, Wiegman kissed a bracelet, and later said that she thinks her sister helped the Lionesses hold out for the win.

“I’m kissing this little armband that was my sister’s. My sister passed away during our prep camps,” Wiegman said.

“That’s a really big miss, because she’s my mate.

“She would have been here, she went to every game, so she would have been really proud of me, and I was really proud of her too.

“But I think she was here, I think she was on the crossbar.”

Wiegman’s post-match conference was also interrupted by the England squad, who came through in a dancing conga line to celebrate their historic win.

The Lionesses will also celebrate their achievement on Monday (August 1) afternoon at Trafalgar Square in an event which will be broadcasted live on BBC One from 12:40pm.

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