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05th Jan 2023

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney discovered in FIFA 23

Rory Cashin

The Hollywood stars (and Wrexham club owners) were uncovered in the game this week.

Back in August, Disney+ launched their new sports documentary series Welcome To Wrexham, which told the story of how struggling Welsh club Wrexham FC were suddenly taken over by two of Hollywood’s most famous stars, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

At the time, JOE even caught up with the duo to chat about the show, and they revealed which player they’d like to sign up to Wrexham, if money and time and all that stuff was no object…

@joedotie We chatted to Rob McElhenny and Ryan Reynolds about their new documentary series Welcome To Wrexham, and they revealed the one player they’d like to play for their team! #robmcelhenney #ryanreynolds #Wrexham #wrexhamfc #welcometowrexham #football #garethbale ♬ original sound –

Almost exactly a month later, EA Sports released FIFA 23 unto the world, which will also serve as EA’s final collaboration with FIFA, with the next game being titled EA Sports FC, which will likely arrive before the end of 2023.

However, even though the game has been out for about four months, a hidden Easter Egg has only just been discovered: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny providing some commentary over a Wrexham game, such as this clip where they make fun of Liverpool:

There are other examples of Ryan and Rob providing colourful narration to some of the Wrexham games to be discovered, and this isn’t the first time that FIFA 23 ventured into the world of media cross-pollination.

It was previously reported that the game features AFC Richmond as a team… and if you’re thinking that sounds familiar but you can’t quite put your finger on it… that is because it is an entirely fictional team, and where the core of action takes place during Apple TV+’s hit comedy series Ted Lasso.

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