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15th Jun 2018

Ryan Giggs told the most boring Man United anecdote in history on ITV’s World Cup coverage

"I said, 'listen mate, it’s Giggsy or Ryan'"

Robert Redmond

“I said, ‘listen mate, it’s Giggsy or Ryan’.”

Ryan Giggs is in Russia working as a pundit for ITV’s coverage of the World Cup, and he managed to tell one of the most boring anecdotes you’ll hear from a pundit at the tournament.

The Manchester United legend featured on the channel’s coverage of Iran’s match against Morocco on Friday afternoon, and was asked about his experience of working with Carlos Queiroz. The Iran manager was Alex Ferguson’s assistant for five years across two different spells, helping them win three Premier League titles and the Champions League in 2008.

Giggs said the pair didn’t get along at first. The Wales manager was in the studio alongside Eniola Aluko and Slaven Bilic and almost managed to put them to sleep with a pretty pointless anecdote about working with Queiroz.

You can watch Giggs tell the story here:

Giggs said that he is a “very good coach” before beginning the terrible tale.

“But we didn’t get off to a great start if I’m honest,” he said.

“My first training session with Carlos, he’s organising something in training and he turns to me and says ‘Giggs, I want you to do this’. And there was a little giggle around, all the team-mates had a laugh. ‘Don’t call him Giggs, it’s either Ryan or Giggsy’. So when you hear the giggle it just gets your back up a little bit. I said ‘listen mate, it’s Giggsy or Ryan’. So we didn’t get off to a great start, but a great coach.”