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11th Jun 2022

Ronaldinho reveals which current manager he’d want to play under

Callum Boyle

Ronaldinho manager

What a combination that would have been

Former footballing superstar Ronaldinho has revealed which current manager he would want to play under if he was still involved in the game.

The Brazilian played for a host of world class managers during his playing days as he won award after award and title after title, but even the best players do have envy at the new generation as they missed out on working with certain people.

Ronaldinho is the exact same and he revealed that the coach currently involved that he would most like to have played for is Zinedine Zidane.

“One coach I’d have liked to have played with and to have worked with would be Zidane who I always admired as a player, and I admire as a coach,” he told JOE.

“And I think playing with him and also having him as a coach would be something that I would really like.”

Zidane also thinks of Ronaldinho highly

Although they never played together, Ronaldinho and Zidane regularly locked horns against each other in fierce El Clasico derbies while the two were at Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.

And Zidane has given Ronaldinho praise himself before, once describing him as an “extraordinary” player.

“Ronaldinho is total class – a very, very great player. He is quick, powerful, and has extraordinary technical qualities,” he said.

“He is a dribbler but is also a player who can make the play for his teammates.

“He’s not really a number 10, a true organiser. He’s more a second attacker who can score goals and has the vision to make them.”

Ronaldinho was back in Paris ahead of Madrid’s Champions League final win against Liverpool where he took four lucky fans on a guided tour around the French capital, sampling the sights and cuisine before watching the final at the Stade de France Stadium.

Ronaldinho manager

Ronaldinho spoke to JOE at the launch of his Route 10 Freestyle Tour in partnership with Expedia, the official travel partner of the UEFA Champions League.

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