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01st Dec 2023

Rodrygo says Real Madrid won’t let him talk about Lionel Messi incident

Callum Boyle

Rodrygo Lionel Messi

Rodrygo and Messi were involved in a fiery altercation

Real Madrid star Rodrygo has said that the club won’t let him talk about his altercation with Lionel Messi while on international duty.

Argentina faced Brazil at the Maracana during the recent break, where Nicolas Otamendi’s second half header was the difference between the two sides.

The game was marred by crowd trouble from both sets of fans, which led to kick off being delayed by 30 minutes.

Messi and his teammates initially walked off the pitch in response to the way the Argentinian supporters were being treated.

They eventually returned to the pitch but upon their return an altercation between Messi and Rodrygo occurred.

According to reports, the 22-year-old said: “You are acting like cowards, don’t you want to play the game?”

Messi is said to have responded by saying: “We are the world champions, how are we cowards? Keep your mouth, watch your mouth.”

Rodrygo then apparently replied: “Now let’s look at the game, you’ll see us there”. Messi finished the conversation by saying “Let’s see, come on, come on.”

It even led to Rodrygo’s father getting involved after the game as he made a sarcastic comment directed at Messi on social media.

Following Madrid’s 4-2 win against Napoli, Rodrygo was approached by reporters to talk about the incident however he jokingly claimed that he’d been told not to speak about it.

“I can’t talk about that, Madrid won’t let me,” Rodrygo jokingly told reporters, via Marca

Instead he spoke about his recent form as he scored one of the four goals in Wednesday night’s win.

“I can’t explain the change, but I have to keep working,” he said. “I worked when things weren’t going well for me and now that they are going well, it’s the same thing. You have to keep working. I want to continue on the good run and forget what happened”.

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