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29th May 2019

Neymar gets nutmegged by 19-year-old in training, so instantly fouls the youngster

Wil Jones

Bad move, kid

Neymar got nutmegged in train with the Brazil squad, and he did not react well at all.

19-year-old Weverton, who plays for Brazilain side Cruzeiro, was called up to train with the national side and gain experience, even though he is not actually in the squad for the upcoming Copa America.

Weverton was probably on top of the world getting to play with the first team, but this youthful enthusiasm led him making a crucial error: showing up Neymar.

Video shows the youngster clearly nutmegging the PSG striker. And how does the 27-year-old react to being shown up by a teenager? By grabbing Weverton’s bib and yanking him to the ground.

Brazil host the 2019 Copa America tournament, which kicks off on June 14th. Joining them in Group A are Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia.

To commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Copa America, the Seleçao will be wearing a white kit for the first time since 1952. The national side ditched the white after a crushing defeat to Uruguay at the Maracanã during the 1950 World Cup. The country was so wounded by the defeat in that they took the decision to stop wearing the colours and adopt the colours of their flag: yellow and green with blue shorts.

This is the second time Neymar has been caught lashing on camera in recent weeks. Earlier this month, he received a three-match ban after he hit a Rennes fan in the aftermath of PSG’s defeat in the French cup final.

Presumably angered by the shock defeat, footage surfacing on Twitter after the game showed Neymar taking exception to being filmed by a supporter on a camera phone as he made his way to collect his runners-up medal, appearing to hit out at the man after briefly exchanging words.

If you want to see a more wholesome example of a Brazilian footballer, here is Richarlison and his family reacting the news that the Everton striker had made the Copa America squad.