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09th Jul 2018

Name the starting XI from Gareth Southgate’s first game in charge of England

How's your memory?

Darragh Murphy

It’s been over 600 days since Gareth Southgate took charge of his first England game.

A 2-0 victory over Malta in October, 2016 got Southgate’s reign as Sam Allardyce’s successor off to the perfect start and he’s since managed to guide the Three Lions to a World Cup semi-final.

However the rest of the tournament plays out, Southgate’s contribution will be lauded for decades to come and he’s come a long way since being described as a safe option after the nightmare which was Allardyce’s tenure.

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Throughout the World Cup, Southgate has been branded a tactical genius and has been praised for the way he handles the media.

Considering the fact that he can immortalise himself in the next six days, depending on results, we want you to cast your mind back to the first time that Southgate took charge of an England match.

Can you name the starting XI from Southgate’s match in charge?

We’ve given you five minutes to get all your wrong answers out and we should also point out that he did deploy someone in midfield that night who is more accustomed to a role as a striker. So there’s a little hint for you.

Best of luck and let us know how you do.