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04th Jun 2019

Mo Salah thought a reporter was trying to kiss him during Champions League interview

Kyle Picknell

Bless his little cotton socks

Mo Salah is a handsome bloke. We know this. We already know this. Is he handsome enough though for a football reporter, talking to him on the pitch, after he has just won the Champions League, to just abruptly decide to forget the interview and lean in for a kiss?

That remains to be seen. I am sceptical. Virgil van Dijk maybe. Gini Wijnaldum at a push. Not sure about Salah.

Even so, this absolute gem of a video (bar the exceptionally poor quality) has emerged on Twitter of Salah politely and respectfully declining what he assumes is an attempt at a small, celebratory peck.

Watch, as the reporter leans in slightly to definitely, definitely just the next question a bit clearer and watch, as Mohamed Salah very, very awkwardly and sheepishly throws up a palm and shakes his head in response.

If you’re ever going to reject somebody’s (not actual) advances, kids, whether in a nightclub in the dark or in the middle of the Wanda Metropolitano after a Champions League final with thousands of people watching you, this is how you do it.

Take note of the Mo Salah method.

To be fair to him, this kind of thing probably happens all the time on the streets of Liverpool. It’s not always easy being the Egyptian King. Especially when it’s an 18 stone man from Toxteth trying to snog you because he thinks you’re the best player in the world.