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29th Jun 2018

Mo Salah greets hundreds of fans who flocked to his house in Egypt

Man of the people, Mohamed Salah

Reuben Pinder

Man of the people, Mo Salah

Hundreds of Egyptian football fans flocked to Mohamed Salah’s house after his address was leaked on Facebook last night.

Salah recently returned from Russia with the Egypt squad who failed to make it past the group stage, losing all three of their matches.

Although Salah’s efforts cannot be faulted. He was the only player to score a goal for Egypt in the tournament and played a significant part in securing qualification for his country. Had he been fully fit, things could have gone differently.

Anyway, Salah is idolised in Egypt, a national icon and a source on inspiration for many young people. When his address was leaked on Facebook last night, hundreds of fans travelled to wait outside his house on the off chance they might get a glimpse of their hero.

Most athletes of that level of fame would have remained inside and waited for the fans to disperse, but Salah is not like most athletes. Despite the growing crowd, the ‘Egyptian King’ stepped outside, met with fans and signed autographs for them.