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28th May 2018

MMA analyst breaks down Sergio Ramos’ takedown of Mohamed Salah

It didn't look great

Darragh Murphy

Sergio Ramos continues to protest his innocence but Liverpool supporters aren’t so sure.

Ramos forced Mohamed Salah out of the Champions League final after the pair tussled on the half-hour mark of Saturday’s game in Kiev.

Salah left the pitch in tears after landing awkwardly on his shoulder and his World Cup was immediately plunged into jeopardy.

Ramos has since sent his best wishes to the Egypt international but it’s been suggested that the Real Madrid defender intentionally set out to injure Salah and take the Reds’ talisman out of the biggest game of the season.

Ramos seemed to grab a hold of Salah’s arm and force him to the ground in the first half of the match, which Real went on to win 3-1.

Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson has insisted that the tangle was an example of clever gamesmanship from the Spanish centre-half, who has something of a reputation for roughhousing opponents.

“I think it is just how he (Salah) has landed but Ramos is quite clever, isn’t he?” Robertson said.

“We are clutching at straws if we are saying that. It’s unfortunate. It just disrupted our rhythm a wee bit.

“He has done unbelievably this season and for it to end that way for him was devastating. I hope he goes to the World Cup because a nation is relying on him.

“Hopefully he’ll come back bigger and stronger.”

MMA analyst Robin Black has dedicated a breakdown to Ramos’ challenge, lending credence to the theory that it was intentional.

“Ramos initiates the step-across trip, creates the ledge which is the obstacle, he then applies rotational force on Salah, destabilising him and turning him,” Black said on Twitter.

“What is the key to this takedown? Well it’s the grip on the forearm! That’s the root of the control. The arm drag from wrist control and now let’s put it all together.

“Wrist control to start, then hyper-extension on the elbow to force the body to follow and set the ledge to complete the trip, using the momentum created.

“It’s a filthy outcome. All of Salah’s weight and force come down on the radius and ulna, which are small bones. Huge impact… Nasty. Referees need to protect these athletes.”

The European Judo Union has also had its say, pointing to the fact that the technique employed by Ramos is actually banned in certain scenarios in their martial art.