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06th Jan 2019

Michael Owen and Jason McAteer kick off in Ireland vs England Star Sixes match

Niall McIntyre

England v Ireland. A chance at the most prestigious trophy in post-retirement six-a-side international football up for grabs…

It doesn’t matter what sport it is, when England go up against Ireland it’s always going to be full-blooded and have a little bit of bite about it.

And while the Star Sixes going on this weekend on Sky Sports might carry about as much weight as tiddlywinks that didn’t stop former players Michael Owen or Jason McAteer kicking off with each other in their match earlier.

With only two minutes left on the clock, the game was deadlocked and the game was poised. That was when McAteer put in a hard tackle on the former English speedster.

Following the challenge, McAteer grabbed onto Owen afterwards to let him know he wasn’t messing about, only for Owen to then lash out with a kick across McAteer’s ankle.

In the aftermath, the referee sent off McAteer and gave Owen a yellow. As you might expect, it escalated from there.

Watch the footage of the incident here: