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09th May 2019

Lucas Moura breaks down in tears after being shown his last minute goal

Kyle Picknell

Grab a Kleenex boys and girls

Wednesday night couldn’t have gone much better for Lucas Moura. Not only did he score a second-half hattrick to send Tottenham through to the Champions League final, but he was also awarded the honour of a 10/10 match rating by those notoriously hard to please football journalists at L’Equipe – something only nine other players have done in the past.

He deserved all the plaudits for his three incredible goals. The second, involving some ridiculous footwork in the box whilst surrounded by Ajax players, is still baffling to watch even in slow-motion replay.

It was the third, however, tucked home on his left foot in the 95th minute (of 95 minutes) that brought a tear to the Brazilian’s eye as he watched it back in the press area after the game.

A journalist gives Lucas his phone to watch the replay of the goal, complete with some typically exuberant Brazilian commentary in Portuguese, and everything goes quiet for a few minutes.

Give it a watch and feel your heart melt. Unless you don’t have one. Or unless you support Arsenal.

As if Pochettino crying wasn’t enough.