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02nd Jun 2019

Here are all the best photographs from Liverpool’s trophy parade

Kyle Picknell

Liverpool have won the Champions League, haven’t they? They’re absolutely fucking buzzing, aren’t they?

Come child, let us take a look at the #scenes and the #limbs.

First up: the bus is very, very wonky.

Please also note the fact that Alberton Moreno has managed to nab himself a prime spot at the front, the absolute charlatan.

And if you were wondering about the turnout, yeah, it isn’t bad.

A crying shame that nobody has managed to clamber up those traffic lights, though.

Virgil van Dijk is loving it. Obviously Virgil van Dijk is loving it.

As is a quite possibly waved Jurgen Klopp, sitting at the back of the bus with the cool kids – Rhian Brewster and Curtis Jones.

“Is that Loris Karius down there? Tell him he can come up! No, go on! Let him up boys! Go onnnn”

Ah, now we’re talking. Shout out to this guy on top of a speed limit sign. 

And to all these fantastic people making the absolute most of their bay windows.

What is a better sight: all the confetti or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s Matrix sunglasses?

I don’t really have a funny caption for this next one. It’s just a lot of people, isn’t it? It’s just fucking loads of people.

Now we’re talking. This is exactly what I was after. +1 for holding the pint can of Carling aloft like Bobby Moore did with the 1966 World Cup.

I knew you wouldn’t let me down, city of Liverpool. Although I do hope that isn’t a selfie she is taking.


YUUUUUURRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSS. Although this does look very dangerous. But still. YUUUUUUURRRRRSSSSS.

To all the people on that lower level of scaffolding: do not look up. Whatever you do, do not look up.

I would like to know who that man is on the second bus with a triangle on his head. I would also like to know what that triangle on his head is. That is all.

And to end: go on Hendo. Lead the charge. You deserve it.