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03rd May 2019

Leeds United fan’s Marcelo Bielsa anecdote proves just how down to earth he really is

Kyle Picknell

Marcelo Bielsa is already a cult hero in West Yorkshire

One Leeds United fan has gone viral on Twitter due to a comment he posted on YouTube channel Tifo Football, in which he shares his story about meeting their manager Marcelo Bielsa in Wetherby.

According to the anecdote, the Leeds boss is exactly how we imagine him – remarkably humble and down to earth given his considerable stature in the world of football.

The Leeds fan in question, David Burrow, describes Bielsa’s two-mile walks – in full club gear – through the town to the team’s training ground in Thorp Arch as well as the frequent sightings of the manager and all his assistants assembling in the local coffee shops for their tactical discussions.

Not only that, but both David and his wife managed to, completely coincidentally, get separate pictures with the Argentine on the same day. Who, as predicted, is happy to oblige any selfie requests he receives.

The whole experience goes some way to explain why the idiosyncratic coach is so adored by fans of the club, and that’s without even considering the fact that he could take them into the Premier League via the playoffs in the next few weeks.

Do that and he’d never have to pay for a drink in the city of Leeds for the rest of his life.