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03rd May 2019

Jose Mourinho takes not-so-veiled dig at Paul Scholes and Gary Neville

Wasn't hard to figure that one out

Darragh Murphy

Jose Mourinho enjoys seeing his critics struggle

Mourinho came in for a significant amount of criticism during his spell in charge of Manchester United, with several ex-players ridiculing his approach to football during his time at Old Trafford.

One of the most vocal critics of Mourinho was former United midfielder Paul Scholes, who repeatedly took shots at the way the Portuguese was running things before he was ultimately sacked last December.

But now that he’s out of management for a bit, Mourinho has been using his platform as a pundit to hit back at the likes of Scholes and Gary Neville.

Mourinho recently treated himself to a thinly veiled dig at the Red Devils legends after Scholes left his position as Oldham Athletic manager just a month into the job.

“We have in England former top players, amazing in front of the screen, they go to football clubs and after two months, goodbye, let’s go home because it isn’t right for us,” he told RT.

“So there are things, you have it, or you don’t have it.”

Neville, who lasted just four months as manager of Valencia, was clearly also one of the targets of Mourinho’s jibe.

Mourinho has been linked with several clubs in recent weeks and the 56-year-old is aiming to return to management next month so that he can get a full preseason under his belt with his new team.

“What I have in mind is that I would like to be back in the summer, in June, for a new club, for a new pre-season,” he told BeIN Sport. “I know exactly what I don’t want. That’s the reason why I had to say already to three or four different offers. I had to say no. And I know what I want, in terms of not a specific club but the nature of the job, the dimension of the job, I know what I want.”