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20th Jun 2018

John Terry criticised for patronising remarks about Vicki Sparks’ commentary

People were not impressed with his remarks

Reuben Pinder

Vicki Sparks made history today as she became the first woman to commentate on a World Cup game on British TV

It was a historic moment for sports broadcasting and for Vicki Sparks. She was joined by Martin Keown on co-commentary for the Morocco vs Portugal match earlier today in which Portugal emerged the victors courtesy of a Cristiano Ronaldo header.

It apparently wasn’t to everybody’s tastes though, notably John Terry. The former Chelsea captain came under fire after uploading a photo to his Instagram story with the caption “having to watch this game with no volume”.

It is not absolutely clear what factor made Terry feel compelled to mute his television, but many inferred it as being a dig at Sparks.

John Terry has since responded to these accusations, insisting that the reason behind the post was that no audio was working on any of the devices in his house.