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25th Oct 2021

Gary Neville hits back at United fans, claiming ‘anything goes’ in Johnson era

Callum Boyle

A strange comment to say the least

Gary Neville has responded to criticism from Manchester United fans over his reluctance to call for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be sacked in bizarre fashion, claiming ‘anything goes’ in the Boris Johnson era.

The former United defender took to Twitter to respond after receiving backlash over his public support for the under-fire United boss despite a poor run of results – the latest of those a 5-0 hammering against rivals Liverpool.

Results haven’t been up to standards of late and many fans have now firmly changed their opinion on Solskjaer with the overwhelming consensus being that he is not capable of taking the side any further.

Neville however seems reluctant to call for his dismissal, admitting on the most recent Monday Night Football that he won’t call out the Norwegian and has maintained his stance that he doesn’t want his ‘mate’ to lose his job.

And the Sky Sports pundit had a strange take on the subject. In his post, he said: “If you would have said 22 years ago that United fans would be turning on me for supporting the guy who won ‘us’ the Champions League I would have said no way! But it’s 2021 folks! In the “ Johnson Era “ anything goes.”

It’s quite difficult to understand the gist of what Neville is trying to get at here – or why he mentioned the prime minister – but the comparison is odd to say the least and United fans haven’t taken to it warmly.

One fan who replied to Neville’s post stated that the former United full-back needs to prioritise the club over loyalties to friendships.

They said: “So we should allow the club to go into ruins because Ole won us the Champions League? Utd fans are rightly turning on you for supporting Ole over the club. It’s Manchester United first before anything else.”

Meanwhile, another supporter claimed that if a different manager was at the helm, Neville would not be feeling the same way.

He said: “It’s not that we’re turning on you for supporting Ole, it’s that we want you to be objective and fair. It seems you beat around the bush & don’t attack the real issues to protect Ole.

“I understand he’s your mate, but as a pundit we expect you to be none bias & say it how it is.

“If it was another manager you’d be pointing out their faults. Admitting it’s time for them to move on. We don’t want you to throw Ole under the bus, just admit it’s time for him to move on for the best of the club.”

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